Welcome to the Seaside Voices Project.

Over the next few months we will be working with people in Bridlington, Morecambe, Newlyn & Shanklin to help them create a community website for each town.

If you live in or near one of these towns, why not get involved? Have a look at your local site using the links on the right and get in touch, these are all community projects and need people like you to succeed.

The project partners will be updating this site occasionally but the main sites in each of the seaside towns will start being created and updated from 18 January 2010, so please vist those sites either virtually on-line or if you live in one of the towns contact the community group who are building it and get involved.

Things they will be looking for:

Do you have any old pictures of the town? You could take them along to the UK online centre running the local site and scan them in so they an be shown online. Not only pictures but also old documents such as postcards or posters can be scanned for you. Anything that you think will be interesting for other people to see.

Are you a budding writer or journalist? Get in touch with the centre running your local site and offer to help out. This is a community project and is about you and people around you.

If you want to know more about the project partners please visit our individual websites.

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